Website that can engage your audience and meet your business goals

website strategy to meet business goals

A well designed website is a great resource for a small business. It’s very important to understand your business goals and reach your goals by using a proper business marketting plan for the website before you begain. Businees goals may includes increasing sales Buildong credibility for example by including customer testinomials Increase visibility and brand awareness Improving customer support and reducing

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Top 10 must have WordPress plugins to imporove site performance


The following table consist of top 10 must have WordPress plugins to improve your website or blog performance. These are the plugins which are widely used to increase site performance in terms of look and feel, page load time, and SEO. Good news is that you don’t need to purchase these plugins. Must have WordPress plugins to imporove site performance 1.

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How to create a tryit yourself editor like using php

most of the tutorial site like provide try it yourself editor for their user to manupulate the existing code accoording to their needs.This provides a very good learning experience Now we are going to learn “How to create a try it Editor using php.” using this editor you can get the output of client side code e.g HTML,CSS and

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