How to easily add www. in your WordPress Website

WordPress is used by millons of website across the world. But few are able to utilize its inbuilt functions.
If you install WordPress manually on the server then by default your website URL (uniform resource locator) will be something like this e.g ,many people don’t want to add www. in their domain name as prefix, but what for those who want ? there is a simple way to add www. as a prefix in your domain name.
Just login to your WordPress admin panel

Steps to add www. in WordPress blog URL

  •  Go to Setting Option
  • Then Go to General

Now In WordPress Address (URL) and Site address (URL) , Just write www. after http://
See the ScreenShot

and save the changes. That’s it
Now logout from your admin panel and again login and see changes , Now if you open  it will redirect you to

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