Things to know before starting a blog ?

Many times people see lots of the website on the web and after reading the website many of the people think how I can start blogging ? What are the things I need before starting a blog ,what are the information I should have , Where to go ? , and they didn’t get proper information How to start blogging ?   and without any proper information and knowledge they start blogging , and after few week they feel boaring and they most of the beginner  blogger stops blogging in the early stage.

How to Start Blogging
So , Here I am going to give you some information and steps , How to Start Blogging? or you can say How To make a blog ?or you can say how to make a website ?
Determine The Topics of your blog.
You should concentrate your mind and you will have to judge yourself that on what topic I can start blogging , Be vey care ful about your topic ,First you should have at least some information on the topic you are going to start blogging because when your Topic will good then obviously your content will also be good( since you have good knowledge about your topic) and when your content will good ,you will automatically popular on the web because content is the backbone on the any Blog.
Choosing platform for blogging
There are so many free and paid sites available on the web, who provides you the platform to start blogging. Some of the popular platform are given below..

Google’s Blogger (Blogspot)
And so on …

Free Google’s  blogger is easy to use
Free Blogging Services :
Free Google’s  blogger is easy to use
Free Blogging Platform:  You can start free blogging by using Blogger or WordPress
When you start a blog with a free blogging service, you don’t get your own domain. You get your blog like or like (where there are so many other blogs at and and you don’t actually own the blog.
Host your own blog using WordPress free Blog software
This website runs on the free website building software called wordpress (more detailed definition below) which is used by millions of people online in the world.
I would like to suggest this platform, because it offers much more flexibility and freedom to do what you want. You will have your own domain name, like .In my experience, WordPress is excellent free blog software that allows you flexibility and room to grow.
Now : I am going to make you understand how to get a website like this . Once you have achieved this you can start customizing it yourself.
To set up a website, you need the following two things:-

• Choose a domain name and sign up for website hosting
• Create your website

Now What is domain ?
Just like having a telephone number that is unique to you and only you so people can call you. A domain name is also unique to you so people can see your website on the internet. A domain name is your unique address that can be used on the internet. It is what you see after the “www.” in your browser and its what comes after the @ symbol in your email. For example, where is the domain name.
If you already have a domain name you can use that too.

What is webhosting ?
Website hosting is where you put your website (the files), stored on a computer, in a building that allows you to put it on the internet. It is irrelevant where you upload the website from or where your website is stored. Everyone around the world can view it once that has been done.
You are on my website right now about how to create a website. To do this I have to host it on a server in a warehouse somewhere so that you can come and visit my site. This is the only cost you have to pay when you create a website.

Where should I go to get a domain and webhosting ?

There are so many company offering domain name webhosting across the world some of the big Companies are

Go daddy

Host Gator


Blue host

Big Rock
I recommend Indian users that if you don’t have a credit card just go for Bigrock which provides flexible payment methods good services. One more benefit of hosting at BigRock is that the customer care number is also toll free and the support executives too speaks in either English or Hindi.
I am also hosting my site on BigRock satisfied by their services. It provides cheap and best Domain and web hosting as compared to foreign companies.

NEXT STEP: Creating a Website
Now you know that you need a domain name and website hosting I am going to explain to you how to get a website built so that you can signup at the bottom of this page and setup your new website.

Install WordPress

What is WordPress ?

WordPress is what I recommend to build your website or blog. Because  wordpress is the best platform to build your website on. It accounts for about 40% of all new websites in the world and is currently the most popular CMS(Content management system) in use on the Internet.

It allows you build a website without writing any code or know any website design. It is ideal for people who know nothing about website design.

Plus wordpress is Open Source , ie. free.

Setting up WordPress on website hosting is very easy. See the instructions below:-

In My past post I have explained  eash and every steps to know how to Install WordPress on web server and on localhost, Its a 5 min of task for experienced guy, If are new to wordprees , then see the details

To get the details about,How to install WordPress to make a website  Also Read This

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