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Top 10 must have WordPress plugins to imporove site performance


The following table consist of top 10 must have WordPress plugins to improve your website or blog performance. These are the plugins which are widely used to increase site performance in terms of look and feel, page load time, and SEO. Good news is that you don’t need to purchase these plugins. Must have WordPress plugins to imporove site performance 1. ... Read More »

What is Domain and Web Hosting : A brief idea


Here you will get a brief Idea about domain name, website and web hosting If you want to show any informations on internet, then you will need a website, and if you want to make your your own website ,You need to upload some scripts like : HTML, CSS, PHP etc on the server, To do this you need a ... Read More »

Create a simple drop down menu usinng HTML and CSS

Now a days most of the websites are using drop down menu, Today we will create a simple basic drop down menu.It has top level menu and sub menus, when the mouse rolls over the menu it display sub menus, if you are new to HTML and CSS then I am encouraging you to learn some basics of HTML and ... Read More »

Form validation code using HTML5 and Javascripts

Now a days HTMl5 and javascript is primary choice for web designer to design their website, you can’t make good looking and responsive website without using HTML5, javascript and jquery Here I am going to show you how we can validate a form field using both HTML5 and javascript. Validate Field using HTML5 <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> </head> <body> <h2> ... Read More »

Starting first blog on blogger platform, good or bad decision


Starting your first blog on blogger platform, good or bad decision, This is the most important and common question for every new bloggers, Well many people wants to start their own blog , but as being in initial stage of blogging they might be confused which one to choose Blogger, WordPress, joomla or Drupal but especially for blogging many people ... Read More »